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  • 19 Support accessibilité 1000x750 Recent work
  • 10 res Recent work
  • 1 a Panneau bienvenue 1000 x 750 Recent work
  • barres paralleles kinésiologue atlasbarz Recent work
  • 16 banc multi fente 1000x750 Recent work
  • 11 station abdo et support 1000x750 Recent work

Accessible training
Saint-Amable, 2018

Development of a specialized training trail for adults, seniors and people with reduced mobility.

Saint-Amable Project
  • module enfant atlasbarz 1000x750 Recent work
  • école du boisé sept iles atlasbarz Recent work
  • Atlasbarz gym exterieur Recent work

Outdoor fitness class
École du Boisé – Sept-Îles, 2018

Development of an outdoor training module complementary to physical education classes

École du Boisé Project
  • Chambly 6 1000x750 atlasbarz Recent work
  • Chambly 1 workout outdoor atlasbarz 1000x750 Recent work
  • Chambly 4 panneau 1000x750 atlasbarz Recent work

Urban Workout
Chambly, 2017

Construction of an urban training area that can accommodate 11 users simultaneously

Chambly Project
  • ainé exercice video atlasbarz Recent work
  • Pyramide atlasbarz 2018 Recent work
  • banc multi bande elastique danville exercice plein air Recent work
  • poubelle urbaine à danville atlasbarz Recent work

Exercisers for Senior
Danville, 2017-2018

Construction of an urban training area designed for senior citizens and delivery of our first trash bin.

Danville Project
  • Banc urbain ABZBENCH 02 AtlasBarz new3 page réalisation Recent work
  • Banc urbain ABZBENCH 02 AtlasBarz 2018 Recent work
  • banc ladurantaye 1000x750 Recent work

Innovative urban furniture
La Durantaye, 2017

Installation of three urban benches and a multifunction bench.

La Durantaye Project
  • 13 ® SophieCaron vizu 1000x750 Recent work
  • AtlasBarz entrainement urbain 2 1000x750 Recent work
  • 09 ® SophieCaron vizu 1000x750 atlasbarz Recent work

Urban Workout
Saint-Hyacinthe, 2016

Construction of an urban training area that can accommodate 9 users simultaneously

Saint-Hyacinthe Project

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