Innovative urban furniture

Installation of urban benches, bike racks and waste collectors in the city

  • Park benches with backrest, 10-seat bike racks and waste collectors (urban garbage cans)
  • The development of Bergeron Street was completed in June 2019

Innovative city furniture

We were mandated by the municipality of Laurier-Station to design and deliver outdoor and sustainable furniture for the renovation of Bergeron Street. On site, we find copies of our park benches with backs rest, our 10-place bike racks and our urban bins. In addition, the minimalist and modern look of this equipment ensures a visual harmony with the outside environment. With its protective coating and robust construction, this innovative street furniture will remain in place for the long term.

In closing, this new development is appreciated by pedestrians, cyclists and visitors of the Bergeron Street and the Laurier-Station Recreation Complex.

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