Urban workout, a sports discipline for all

  • A physical activity that consists, with the weight of our body, to perform different movements and exercises.
  • A sports discipline popularized mainly through Internet video platforms and social medias.
  • A low cost solution to the emerging health problems of the western population.
  • A creative, unifying and accessible sport for everyone, no matter your fitness level or how old you are.

Street workout or Calisthenics

Often confused, Street Workout or Callisthenics are derivatives of urban training. Halfway between fitness and gymnastics, this sport combines strength training, balance, and flexibility. Accessible to all, this urban form of physical activity has been gaining popularity for years. This sports discipline requires specialized equipments to meet the demand of the citizens. This outdoor sport is constantly evolving due to the creativity of its users. Indeed, there is a surprising variety of functional exercises that can be performed with only the body weight of the individual.

6 Benefits of Outdoor Physical Activity

  • Muscular toning of the whole body through functional exercises
  • Reinforced immune system
  • Self-confidence improvement
  • Stress reduction through exercise and contact with nature
  • A full of energy, oxygen and vitamin D
  • Motivational meetings and sharing a common passion with other sports enthusiasts
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