Outdoor gym, Noyan

Discover an outdoor gym in a park in the heart of the municipality

  • Stations installed: two multifunction benches, a set of parallel bars with neutral grips and two pull-up bars.
  • Accessible to everyone since October 2020

Outdoor gym – Noyan

Discover the new outdoor training park at 1274 Chemin de la Petite-France of the Municipality of Noyan!

This installation marks the completion of one of our innovations, our double pull-up bar.

Thanks to the double pull-up bars, the set of parallel bars and the two multi-function benches, it is possible to offer the citizen of Noyan a fitness space to target all the main muscle groups of the body.

The glossy black color chosen by the municipality ensures a discreet integration of the training equipment into nature. For the park benches, a green color reminiscent of tree leaves has been selected.

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