Discover our selection of ultra-durable and customizable urban furniture according to your specifications

Distinguish yourself with our complete range of innovative street furniture for cities and innovative organizations.
Combine comfort, elegance and durability!

Park benches and city benches

Distinguish yourself with our fully customizable urban benches.

Outdoor tables

Opt for a durable and functional outdoor table.

Urban waste bin and multifunction waste collector (waste – recycling – compost – returnable)

Manage your residual materials with elegance thanks to our innovative containers.

Outdoor ping-pong table, bike rack and bollard

We design all our products according to your specifications.

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Bike Rack
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Flower boxes

Custom urban furniture

Design your street furniture to your image
  • Usual dimensions or custom
  • Benches with or without backrest
  • Lattes or plain finish
  • Armrests and decorative stiffeners

The minimalist design of our street furniture and an infinite choice of colors ensure a total harmonization with its environment.

Our products are delivered fully assembled-welded. In other words, the installation on the concrete base is fast and no piece of hardware can interfere with the users.

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Urban furniture of superior quality

Structure and protective coating

Our street furniture offers unparalleled durability thanks to a steel structure and a high performance protective coating.

This polyurethane-based coating protects the furniture against UV, corrosion and vandalism. It is also anti-graffiti, flame retardant and less harmful to the environment compared to the usual paint since it does not emit VOC when applied!

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The best durability is guaranteed

Our 15-year limited warranty is a testament to our confidence in the superior durability of our furniture.

We also provide special anti-theft nuts in 316 stainless steel (marine grade) to ensure optimum safety.

Quality counts to avoid the typical failure problems associated with wood  or recycled plastic furniture.

Made in canada 200x200 Site FurnitureInvest in a product manufactured in Canada by contacting us now! We can move to present samples of our products and to answer your questions!

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