Outdoor furniture at Parc des Voiles

Installation of urban benches, various picnic tables including our table with a chess playing surface

  • Park benches with backrest, 4-seater picnic tables and checkered picnic table for board games
  • Riparian walk on the edge of a magnificent park along the Richelieu River

Outdoor furniture

The municipality of Saint-Mathias-sur-Richelieu aims to reinvigorate the magnificent Parc des Voiles. Thus, we had the mandate to design and deliver outdoor and durable furniture for this park.

On site, we therefore find copies of our park benches with backrests and slats and of our picnic tables. This achievement is special for our team, since it is one of the first tables with a checkerboard to play chess, or other board games delivered and installed!

In addition, this park offers a splendid view of the Richelieu River. This is why a bluish color is chosen in order to ensure complete harmonization between the outdoor furniture and its environment.

Finally, a phase 2 of the project is underway, notably with the delivery and installation of our deckchairs in order to enjoy the waterfront while relaxing. Good news, the full realization of this project is expected by the end of the year.

mobilier urbain atlasbarz bord de eau 2020 Outdoor furniture at Parc des Voiles, Saint Mathias sur Richelieu

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