Outdoor recreation, Saint-Urbain-Premier

Development of an outdoor recreation area for all

  • Development of an intergenerational and versatile outdoor fitness area
  • Installation of ABZ-02 module, exercise bench, balance beam, pyramid, parallel bars with neutral grips at double heights as well as an outdoor ping-pong table
  • The development was carried out near a school in the heart of the municipality

Outdoor recreation

This landscaped space is the result of several years of work for the Saint-Urbain-Premier Recreation Committee and our team. After several consultations and presentations, the committee succeeded in raising several grants in order to carry out the project.

The municipality of Saint-Urbain-Premier did not have to spend a penny, thanks to the subsidies granted to the Committee. Congratulations and thank you to all the project sponsors!

This project marks the achievement of several new features. The most important, the ABZ-02 module, an upgraded version of our popular ABZ-01 module, now offers a climbing rope, a climbing net, four pull-up bars of varying heights and grips, a double-level horizontal ladder as well as as two accessibility supports integrated into the module in order to perform exercises using elastic bands. Then we specially designed a new variation of our parallel bars with neutral grips at double heights, to suit a wider range of body builds and variety of exercises. On the outskirts of the active site, we find our outdoor ping-pong table which is now a delight for young and old.

  • modulez abz 02 Outdoor recreation   Saint Urbain Premier
  • module abz 02 atlasbarz 2020 Outdoor recreation   Saint Urbain Premier
  • barres prises neutres atlasbarz Outdoor recreation   Saint Urbain Premier
  • echelle horizontale atlasbarz Outdoor recreation   Saint Urbain Premier
  • parcours pneus atlasbarz Outdoor recreation   Saint Urbain Premier
  • tennis de table atlasbarz Outdoor recreation   Saint Urbain Premier

Outdoor ping-pong table

The Saint-Urbain-Premier Recreation Committee showed great interest in our outdoor ping-pong table when we presented it during our first meeting. Indeed, our ping-pong table, designed for outdoor use, offers a unique and adapted play area. Our table is popular with ping-pong fans, since its design is based on the standards of the International Table Tennis Federation. The outdoor ping-pong table found at Saint-Urbain-Premier has full markings on the playing surface (end lines and sidelines), as well as an overtaking of the net according to standards.

Finally, thanks to our innovative coating, we can reproduce the color of your choice in order to follow a very specific theme or even facilitate the arrangement between your ping-pong table and its environment!

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