Innovative urban furniture, La Durantaye

Installation of urban benches and a multifunction bench with double-sided descriptive panel

  • Three park benches with backrest and a multifunction park bench are installed
  • The development of the park will be completed in spring 2018
  • A descriptive panel illustrating 6 exercises accompanies the multifunctional bench

Multifunction bench and descriptive panel

Our first multifunction bench was installed at parc de L’Etang in the heart of the municipality of La Durantaye. Indeed, the municipality undertook a refurbishment of its main park to include intergenerational infrastructures. It is in this context that the multifunction bench, accompanied by a descriptive panel illustrating 6 varied exercises, was implemented in order to offer citizens a space dedicated to the practice of outdoor physical activity. In all, two people can use the bench simultaneously. Our innovative street furniture, located near a children’s playground, also offers a relaxing place for parents!

Banc urbain ABZBENCH 02 atlasbarz 1000x750 la durantaye 3 Innovative Urban Furniture   La Durantaye

Park benches

The municipality of La Durantaye has also acquired our first outdoor benches. Indeed, you can find in this park 3 examplaries of this bench (model: ABZBENCH-02). Thanks to its protective coating and robust construction, this innovative street furniture tamperproof! Our Sustainable Urban bench was designed in order to blend in with its environment and the existing furnitures. That’s why we opted for a minimalist design as well as a combination of metallic gray and black colors. Also, the addition of fully welded slats completes the design. Our new generation of park benches are replacing the existing street furniture victim of damage and vandalism. These 60-inch length park benches offers a relaxing space for the visitors.

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