Rest Areas

Installation of urban benches, outdoor tables and waste collectors for waste and recycling

  • 4-seater picnic tables
  • Accessible picnic tables with wheelchair space
  • Picnic tables with checkerboard for board games
  • Park benches with and without backrest
  • Waste collectors (waste and recycling)
  • Urban trash cans

Rest areas

We had the mandate by the municipality of Laurier-Station to design and deliver outdoor and durable furniture for several rest areas arranged in several places across the city. On site, we therefore find copies of our park benches with backrests and slats, picnic tables as well as our waste and recycling collectors. Obviously, this achievement is special for our team. Indeed, it is about one of our first realizations incorporating a table with a checkerboard to play chess, or other board games!

In parallel with the rest areas, an active course is set up along a path. This active trail is essentially composed of multifunction benches as well as signage illustrating several functional exercises to be performed using specialized furniture.

In conclusion, the main objective of this project was to allow the elderly to be able to enjoy the great outdoors. Thus, these rest areas provide places to rest during their walks. An excellent initiative from Laurier-Station!

Mobilier urbain canada 2020 Innovative street furniture, Rest areas, Laurier Station

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