Accessible training, Saint-Amable

Installation of two multifunction benches, two accessibility supports, a set of parallel bars, a flat bench for various exercises as well as a welcome sign and four information panels.

  • More than 8 fitness enthusiasts can practice their favorite discipline at the same time
  • More than 36 exercises for beginner, intermediate, advanced and accessible clients are represented on a set of four descriptives panels
  • A strategic development accessible to all since the summer of 2018

Accessible training

Discover a fitness trail located in the park Albini Gem, consisting of 4 stations including 6 exercisers in the heart of the city of Saint-Amable. The municipality wanted to offer their citizens a workout program accessible for disabled people and wheelchair users. To do this, a path was built according to the norms of universal accessibility so that wheelchair users can use most exercisers.

By installing two multifunction benches and two accessibility supports, the city was able to achieve its goal since these exercisers are accessible for all. The path also contains a long exercise bench and a set of parallel bars installed on a wood fiber working as an absorbing surface.

1 a Panneau bienvenue 1000 x 750 Accessible Outdoor Fitness   Saint Amable

A training program for everyone

As the city of Saint-Amable wanted to create the best outdoor fitness program according to their needs, it was elaborated in collaboration with three health professionals, a kinesiologist associated with the direction of public health programs, a kinesiologist responsible for accessibility component (wheelchair and reduced mobility), as well as a health promotion advisor (promotion / prevention team). We can say that this project was very well accompanied!

The training program, consisting of 4 stations arranged at 100 meters intervals, was designed to perform a training in 4 or 8 stages (one or two laps of the circuit). The workout program offers warm-up exercises, muscle building of the 5 major muscle groups of the body, cardio-vascular activation and stretching. For each of the descriptives panels, 8 exercises are presented for different clienteles: beginner, intermediate, advanced and accessibility.

The accessibility exercises are mainly aimed at people with reduced mobility or wheelchair’s users. This type of exercise often encourages the use of elastic bands and this is mainly why the accessibility support has been installed. With elastic bands, it is possible for a person in a wheelchair to perform movements to strengthen and solicit the entire upper body. All the characteristics of the circuit at Albini-Gemme Park allow a complete and accessible training for all.

Adapted outdoor fitness stations

Did you know that there are standards that also regulate outdoor adult sports facilities? That’s why Saint-Amable’s installations have been designed according to ASTM and CSA standards to ensure a safe and adapted urban training area.

Thus, there is a clearance area covered with an absorbing material to prevent injuries from falling. Also very important, no piece of hardware or sharp corner is present on site!

In addition, there are ergonomic supports on the long exercise bench. The upper bracket ensures a good support during the execution of exercises targeting the abs, while the lateral support provides support for exercises requesting the lower body.

  • barres paralleles kinésiologue atlasbarz Accessible Outdoor Fitness   Saint Amable
  • exercice jambe banc de parc Accessible Outdoor Fitness   Saint Amable
  • exerciseur ainé atlasbarz Accessible Outdoor Fitness   Saint Amable
  • support accessibilité Accessible Outdoor Fitness   Saint Amable
  • Exerciseur pour aines Accessible Outdoor Fitness   Saint Amable
  • 10 res Accessible Outdoor Fitness   Saint Amable
  • Banc nice texture Accessible Outdoor Fitness   Saint Amable

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