Urban training, Chambly

Installing an ABZ-01 module, two step-box, a flat bench for various exercises and a large descriptive panel

  • More than 11 fitness enthusiasts can practice their favorite discipline at the same time
  • More than 22 functional exercises from beginner to advanced are represented on a large descriptive panel
  • A strategic development accessible to all since autumn 2017

Accessible urban training for all

Discover a functional area located in Parc des Patriotes, a booming sector in the heart of the city of Chambly. Located near a new school and many multifunctional areas (playgrounds, sports fields, skatepark, etc.), this development could not be better located!

The site consists of three separate stations that can accommodate altogether more than eleven users: our compact and versatile module ABZ-01, a long exercise bench and step-boxes. A large signboard, traceable from several hundred meters away, just accompanies the installation to guide users in their journey.

Adapted fitness playground

Did you know that there are standards that also regulate outdoor adult sports facilities? This is why the Chambly facilities have been designed according to ASTM and CSA standards to ensure a safe and adapted urban training area. Thus, there is a release zone covered with a damping material to prevent injuries in case of a fall. Also very important, no hardware or sharp corner is accessible on the facilities. In addition, there are ergonomic supports on the long exercise bench. The upper bracket ensures a good support during the execution of exercises targeting the abs, while the lateral support provides support for exercises requesting the lower body.

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