The first outdoor bench suitable for urban workout

Urban furniture for healthy cities

It is now possible to contemplate the open air sitting or perform various physical exercises in one place.

This park bench fits perfectly into a workout path or in an urban environment.

All colors are available!

Our benches can be accompanied by an exercise panel to illustrate the possible exercises. It is more than thirty exercises accessible to all!

Banc multifonction 500 x 400 Multifunctional Outdoor Bench
  • exercice sur banc de parc Multifunctional Outdoor Bench
  • banc multifonction atlasbarz abdominaux Multifunctional Outdoor Bench
  • banc multi bande elastique danville exercice plein air Multifunctional Outdoor Bench

An innovative, safe and sustainable park bench

This bench is suitable for outdoor and safe physical activity through built-in brackets and the absence of exposed hardware in the user’s training space. Benefit from a unique and ergonomic design!

This bench offers unmatched durability thanks to the high-quality protective coating widely deployed in the military and construction fields.

A product designed and manufactured in Canada.

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Situation1ModifV2 1000x667 1 Multifunctional Outdoor Bench

Discover our new model
Active Bench

Following the extraordinary success of our multifunction bench, we have meticulously refined its design to give it an even more modern and attractive look. This stunning new version of the bench is specially designed to give a real “Wow” effect to your active project!

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banc actif avec panneau descriptif Multifunctional Outdoor Bench

Exercises on a park bench adapted

This multi-use urban furniture has a support on the back and on the seat of the bench in order to do various exercises of musculation such as inclined pull-ups, dips on the bench or stretches of any kind such as the swinging of the lateral leg and the stretching of calves while standing.

Users can perform leg exercises with the bench safely with our non-slip brackets!

All these exercises are approved by certified kinesiologists.

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banc multi communauté Multifunctional Outdoor Bench

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