Choose a convenient and durable square picnic table for your parks and green spaces

A high quality picnic table

Our outdoor picnic table offers unmatched durability thanks to its steel structure and its high-quality protective coating, widely deployed in the military and construction field.

The polyurethane coating protects the furniture against UV, corrosion and vandalism. It is also anti-graffiti, fireproof and less harmful to the environment compared to the usual paint as it does not emit VOC during its application. Our 15-year limited warranty reflects our confidence in our high-quality street furniture.

We provide specialized anti-theft nuts in 316 stainless steel (marine grade) to ensure optimum safety.

An outdoor picnic table adapted to your needs

We design all our picnic tables according to your specifications. This includes an infinite selection of colors as well as dimensions to choose from. Typically, our square table is 36” x 36”. We offer optional armrests as well as decorative stiffeners for the benches. We can also replace the plates forming the backrest and seat by fully welded battens to the bench structure.

It is possible to integrate, right into the protective coating of the table, a play surface such as a checkerboard in order to provide a convivial space for playing board games outdoors.

Optimize accessibility for wheelchair users by removing one of the benches from the set.

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Our distinction


Create your table according to your needs


Antigraffiti, antivandal, UV resistant, 15 year warranty

Made in Canada

Tables designed and manufactured here

Environment friendly

VOC-free protective coating
Unmatched durability

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Why avoid recycled plastic?

Through the years, the recycled plastic or low-end furniture will leave a bad image in the place, making vandalism more favorable on the installations. Discoloration, crack, corrosion, deformation are all typical problems of low-end urban furniture.

Focus on quality now to avoid the typical failure problems associated with wood or recycled plastic furniture.

You have a design in mind, but you want solid?

Design your street furniture to your image
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Made in canada 200x200 Picnic Table   ABZTABLE 01Invest in a product made in Canada by contacting us now! We can move to present samples of our products as well as to answer your questions!

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