Discover our versatile, sustainable and modern urban garbage bin

A garbage bin, a recycling or compost bin for parks and the city

Our urban trash can adapt to your needs and can contain any residual material. Typically, our bins are 110 cm x 62 cm x 62 cm (height x width x length). We offer an optional integrated flat or tilted lid to allow the flow of water or snow. An internal independent container with a capacity of 35 Ga is secured by a stainless steel latch door. An internal anchoring system ensures a fast and subtle installation.

Thanks to our innovative coating, we can reproduce the color of your choice to follow a specific theme or facilitate the arrangement between your trash can, recycling bin or compost and its environment!

Color Chart

Sustainable and minimalist design

Our minimalist design focuses on the function of the furniture while leaving a clean and modern signature.

Our large capacity (132.5 liter) urban container offers unmatched durability thanks to its steel structure and high performance protective coating. This polyurethane-based coating protects the furniture against UV, corrosion and vandalism. It is also anti-graffiti, flame retardant and less harmful to the environment compared to the usual paint since it emits no VOC during its application. Our 15-year limited warranty is a testament to our confidence in our high quality street furniture.

The function of the urban garbage bin is identified:

  • With a molded sign in the protective liner for increased vandal protection and discreet display.
  • Using a customizable nameplate in aluminum.

Our garbage bins, containers for recycling and compost are delivered fully assembled. In other words, the installation is fast and no hardware can interfere with the users. Moreover, the anchors being internal, it limits the risk of snagging.

Invest in a product made in Canada by contacting us now! We can move to present samples of our products as well as to answer your questions!