Accompany your outdoor exercisers with our fully customizable descriptive panels

  • panneau descriptif grand format atlasbarz 2018 Descriptive panels
  • panneau rassembleur atlasbarz exercice plein air Descriptive panels
  • panneau vu de haut 1000x750 atlasbarz Descriptive panels

Sports signage adapted for all

All our exercisers and outdoor modules are accompanied by one or more fully customizable descriptive panels. These panels provide important visual support to indicate to users the various urban training exercises possible while illustrating the movement as well as the muscular efforts. The various exercises are validated by certified kinesiologists.

Whether your target audience is beginners, intermediate, advanced, seniors or people with reduced mobility, the exercises will be adapted for everyone. We can configure our panels to create an inclusive course or training circuit or centralize information to bring together and foster interactions between citizens and users.

Create a unique fitness trail

We can accompany you to create your urban training trail. All our panels are custom designed to meet your needs. As a result, the form and content of your descriptive panel is fully customizable!

We have a bank of more than 80 exercises of all levels of difficulty. We can offer you a complete fitness trail by combining warm-up exercises, muscle building with or without elastic band, cardio, balance and stretching and relaxation!

Our signs can be the format you want, either front or back, unilingual or bilingual. It is also possible to design a special welcome sign illustrating the active route to your citizens.

Some examples of achievements

11 station abdo et support 1000x750 Descriptive panels
600 x 300 mm format
Double-sided display
1 to 8 exercises represented
grand panneau su urbain atlasbarz e1599056487840 Descriptive panels
1200 x 900 mm format
Double-sided display
18 exercises represented
Grand panneau chambly atlasbarz 1000x750 Descriptive panels
1200 x 900 mm format
Double-sided display
22 exercises represented

Fab au Québec 200x200 Descriptive panels

Invest in an active trail designed in Quebec by contacting us now! We can move to present samples of our products and to answer your questions!

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