Discover a combined station that will delight the youngest and oldest

An intergenerational module, several users

If you combine a neutral pull-up bar or push-up bars, our access support, as well as a descriptive panel and you will get our intergenerational module!

Thus, you discover a module that can meet the needs of different customers (beginners to advanced) while maximizing the space and the number of simultaneous users.

This type of module is installed perfectly along a fitness trail or in a reserved area.

A compact, community-based design, increasing interaction and sharing between users and, as a result, collective and individual motivation!

Module Inter avec pull up 1000x750 Intergenerational Module   ABZINTERGEN 01
Entrainement avec bande elastique en plein air atlasbarz Intergenerational Module   ABZINTERGEN 01

Innovative, safe and durable outdoor exerciser

Enjoy a unique and ergonomic design with minimalist lines that blend with its environment (your choice of color).

Design according to the highest safety standards (CSA and ASTM).

Premium materials are used to ensure unsurpassed durability. To learn more about our product quality, visit the following link: Quality and Sustainability.

A product designed and manufactured here in Quebec.

Customize your intergenerational module according to your needs

  • A neutral pull-up bar
  • A set of parallel bars with neutral grips
  • Two push-up bars
  • A double-sided descriptive panel illustrating up to 8 functional exercises to be performed
  • Accessible support to perform exercises with elastic bands
barres paralleles kinésiologue atlasbarz Intergenerational Module   ABZINTERGEN 01

Experience the quality of the product, it's free!

exerciseur en plein air atlasbarz Intergenerational Module   ABZINTERGEN 01

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