The company in Quebec who is specifically dedicated to the construction of urban training parks following the trend of Street workout and Callisthenics, it’s us.


We base our conception with the highest north-american playground’s safety certifications: ASTM standard for the outdoor sportive stations without supervision and the CSA standard for typical playground areas.


We want quality material as much as you do, for a reliable investment that lasts over time. A special coating more durable than traditional painting helps reduce negative effects such as vandalism and corrosion.


Constant innovation of new training stations on the cutting edge of technology for creating equipment working all body muscles.


Secure your equipment with our special nuts using a wrench socket that cannot be found in the conventional hardware stores

AtlasBarz Project's Realization Steps

All our projects are distributed in three parts; engineering, supply of equipment and works on site. You want to reduce the bill by making your own site preparation? No problem, we can follow you throughout the process from conception to implementation of your circuit training!

  • Engineering (20%)
  • Equipment (40%)
  • Work (40%)

Needs Analysis

Less than a week

Targeting your expectations and the desired type of equipment, number of users, budget, etc.


Service Proposal

Less than a week

Unique proposition according to your specifications


Preliminary Plans & Estimates

1-2 week(s)

Conception of your product sealed by our engineer


Modification and approval of plans

1 week

You can make the changes you want


Production Preparation

6-8 weeks

Equipment manufacturing and application of the protective coating with your favorite choice of color


Site Work & Installation

1-2 week(s)

Realization of excavation, installation of foundations and application of the absorbent coating. Assembly done by yourself or by one of our qualified members!


Certification of Compliance

Less than a week

Once completed, we perform our finals verifications and we submit a certification of compliance with TQC plans, if needed.


Installation’s Accessibility

For years to come…

Citizens can now enjoy the benefits of outdoor fitness!


  • Why should I chose your company rather than a competitor already well established?

    Our mission is to offer a fully customizable product for our customers, so we take the time to do our design from A to Z for each of our new projects. Moreover, it is fine to install sports equipment, but you also need to animate the park to show the benefits of being able to train outdoors citizens! This is why we want to organize tours, courses and competitions among the population in order to give life to the installations.

  • Who can buy our products?

    Our business solutions are designed for cities/municipalities, government and private institutions and outdoor centers. Soon, we will offer different products for residential public. We invite you to visit our page to be the first informed about our expansion!

  • Will you only offer your services in the province of Quebec, Canada?

    The world is our only physical limit! However, we focus on serving the province of Quebec for the moment.